Home No-Hub Coupling Heavy Duty 8" A-type pipe coupling
Heavy Duty 8" A-type pipe coupling
Heavy Duty 8" A-type pipe coupling
Heavy Duty 8" A-type pipe coupling
Heavy Duty 8" A-type pipe coupling

Heavy Duty 8" A-type pipe coupling

  • Specification: 1-2 USD/PIECE
  • Use Parts: 150 PIECE
  • Layer: 15000 PIECE
  • Gloss: TianJin
  • Can mix colors: TT or LC

Qulck Details

  • Place of Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Brand Name:Shunfa
  • Model Number:coupling
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Technics:Casting
  • Connection: Flange
  • Shape:Equal
  • hose clamp:no hub coupling

Heavy Duty 8" A-type pipe coupling Product Description:

Connecting or repairing pipes and fittings

This product has confirmed by ISO 9001-2000,  and UPC certification


Main feature: Flexible connection; Good firmness and rot- resistance; No welding needed; Without fire danger; Saving space; no limit on pipes; Non-stop plugging and convenient installation

Application field: ground surface and underground engineering, Platform for ship building, marine, petroleum, water, supplies for coal gas, natural gas, electric power, industrial production, Wastewater Treatment, and maintenance, etc.


Product Specification:

product name

Heavy Duty 8" A-type pipe coupling




carbon steel, stainless steel , as per customer's requirements.





delivery time

within 7 days to 15days common according to quantity


plastic bag inside and standard carton, pallet. According to client's demand

payment ways

T/T, L/C,Western Union

Product Show:


Easy operation

l  Ordinary workers can operate through a simple training

l  Small operation space, installation by wall or by the angle could be easy realized

l  Original characteristics of pipeline are not affected, without damaging the pipe coating, no need for secondary treatment.


Conducive to construction safety:

l  Installation only requires cutting machine, roller slot machines and wrench

l  No welding power cable, welding machines, oxygen and acetylene cylinders, etc., No danger of leakage and fire hazard.

l  Even high-strength high-altitude operations, due to the simple, time period, but also easy to avoid the production safety accidents.


Good system stability, easy maintenance

l  Groove Tube connection has a unique flexible features, so that the pipe with anti-shock, anti-shrinkage and expansion of the stability of the ability to increase the pipeline system is more suitable for temperature changes, thereby protecting the pipeline valves, also reduced pipe stress damage to structural components.

l  Because of the connection pipe trench is simple, just loosen the two clamps to any replacement, rotating and changing some lines. Without damage to the surrounding walls, reducing maintenance time and maintenance costs.


Economic Analysis

l  Because of the connection pipe trench simple operation, saving time and labor time, so it has good value for money.

l  With clamp connection, although the higher the price of individual parts clamps, but the overall effectiveness of the entire pipe network is installed above the flange connection. In particular, the need for secondary treatment of galvanized pipe, plastic-lined steel pipe, plastic composite tubes.


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